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Automatic Machine Licenses

Halifax Regional Council has approved By-Law A-200 in respect to the licensing of Automatic Machines.

An automatic machine by definition means a mechanical or electronic device that is operated by the introduction of a coin, counter or slug or is designed or normally intended to be so operated and includes a vending machine and an amusement machine but does not include automatic scales, telephone apparatus, gas or electric meters or postage stamp vending machines, or a machine that is licensed by the Province of Nova Scotia. The license year is for a period of 12 months, from April 1 - March 31. Current licensees will receive a renewal notice and a proactive approach will be undertaken to update our data files.

Obtain a licensing form.

Type of Machine Yearly License Fee
Juke Box $35.00
Amusement Machine $35.00
Bulk Machine $10.00
Vending Machine $55.00
Mechanical Ride $35.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is licensing required for automatic machines?

Automatic machines are in competition with business establishments that are obligated to pay commercial and business occupancy taxes and should therefore pay their share.

If I purchase a machine during the year is there a reduced rate?.

No, as in most cases a license fee is a flat charge for a designated period of time.

If my machine has a single stand but multiple dispensers, am I required to purchase licenses for each dispenser (or head)?

Yes, the definition of an automatic machine is any devise that dispenses a service or product by the introduction of a coin. Each dispenser would be a seperate automatic machine.

If a machine is not licensed, what are the consequences?

Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with this Bylaw shall be guilty of an offense and liable to a penalty of not less than one hundred ($100.00) dollars and not exceeding two thousand ($2,000) dollars and in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days.

Will I be invoiced each year for the license fee?

Yes, HRM will keep a record of the numbers of machines and locations and will send renewal notices each year. It is the responsibility of the machine owners to update the HRM with any changes in numbers of machines, locations etc.