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Marriage Licences

Halifax Regional Municipality is empowered by the Province of Nova Scotia's Department of Vital Statistics to accept application for and issue marriage licenses.

Only one member of the couple needs to apply for the license, but you will be asked to provide a signed piece of identification and proof of age for both parties to the intended marriage. Documents must be either originals or certified copies and must include the following information:

  • Full name, including given names
  • Age
  • Proof of marital status is required if either party is widowed or divorced.

If one or both of the intended parties was divorced, final proof of divorce(called Certificate of divorce or Decree absolute) must be provided when applying for a marriage license. Proof of Divorce must be either original documents or certified copies. If the divorce occurred in another country and the divorce papers are in another language, a copy of the translated document will be required.

If one or both of the intended parties was widowed, proof of death (original documents or certified copies) must be provided.

Effective May 10, 2013 the five day waiting period has been eliminated. Applicants may complete their affidavit and receive their marriage license during the same visit provided required documentation, including divorce, death and consent forms etc., have been presented and/or approved.

Upon successful completion of the affidavit and upon receipt of $132.70 Canadian funds the license will be issued. Acceptable methods of payment for a marriage license are cash, credit cards, debit card, money order or travellers cheque. (Personal cheques not accepted.)