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Active Halifax

AHC Workshop Series

ACTIVE Halifax Communities is pleased to offer a dynamic and interactive workshop series that will help to increase your community’s capacity for physical activity.

Please note: All workshops are free of charge when offered within the HRM region. For workshops outside of HRM please contact the Active Halifax Communities Coordinator at or by calling (902) 490-5447.

Use the below links to learn more about our workshop series.

Workshop 1: Why Get Active

Workshop2: Moving To Inclusion

Workshop 3: Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Don't see what you want? Contact us and we can work together to create a workshop that caters to the needs of you and your community.


Why Get Active?

Physical Activity Presentation - ACTIVE Halifax Communities will come to your school or organization to deliver a presentation on the benefits of physical activity. This presentation talks about how much physical activity do we really need to maintain our health and discusses ways to get active in and around your community that don’t require a gym membership.

 This one hour presentation can be modified for target audiences and includes background information on physical activity for children youth and families, and the health risks associated with inactivity. The bulk of the presentation delivers recommendations on how to incorporate activity into your daily life and why being active can be fun for the whole family.

For more information contact The Active Halifax Communities Coordinator 
Phone: (902) 490-5447



Moving to Inclusion

Creating accessible physical activity programming for persons with a disability – This workshop is designed for teachers of physical education classes, leaders of community based active living programs, camp counselors or anyone who want to increase accessibility for their physically active program and will provide a practical approach to assisting with the inclusion of young people with different types of disabilities in physical activity programs. Participants will walk away with an action plan as to how they can increase accessibility and think inclusively while gaining a better knowledge of the resources that are available to them.

This workshop can be delivered in a 3hour, or full day format and participants will walk away with an MTI certification as recognized by the Active Living Alliance for Canadian’s with a Disability (ALA).

For more information contact The Active Halifax Communities Coordinator 
Phone: (902) 490-5447



Unleash your Leadership Potential

 A workshop for young womenThis interactive workshop combines theory and interactive exercises. It caters to 15-20 year olds who are involved in sport, recreation and physical activity as athletes, coaches, volunteers and hope to continue to contribute to sport in their future career or through volunteer activities. This workshop can be delivered in a three-hour or full day format.

With sport and physical activity as a backdrop, the session covers the range of leadership skills and attributes that will assist young leaders to take on roles as planners and decision makers during their school years and beyond. The session is fast paced, hands-on and provides an opportunity for participants to:

  • identify activities in their home community where they can develop their leadership skills
  • discuss effective and ineffective communication patterns
  • review the importance of a strong introduction
  • learn steps to increase their leadership skills
  • create a personal leadership plan

For more information contact The Active Halifax Communities Coordinator 
Phone: (902) 490-5447