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Auditor General Halifax Regional Municipality
Published Reports


2013 - 2014

Halifax Regional Municipality - A Performance Review of Absence Leave

HRM – A Performance Review of the Administration of Training Expenditures

Review of Expenses: Mayors, Councillors and Senior Management 2012-2013

Follow-Up to HRM Payroll System - A Perfomance (Process) Review

HRM Payroll System – A Performance (Process) Review

A Systems-Level Performance Review of Metro Transit's Service Delivery

Review of the Administrative Functions within HRM’s Entities which are Governed by an Agency, Board or Commission (ABC)

2012 - 2013


Economic Development through Partnerships - A Performance Evaluation

SAP Authorizations - Review of Policies, Procedures and Processes

Care of HRM Cultural Artifacts/Artworks - including the Jordi Bonet Halifax Explosion Memorial Sculpture

Review of the Transfer of Box Office Operations from the Halifax Metro   Centre to Trade Centre Limited

Use of External Consulting Services Fiscal Years 2007/08 through 2010/11


2011 - 2012


Review of HRM's Contribution to the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market through the Community Facility Partnership Fund

Review of Benefits Budgeting & Overtime Drivers in HRM

Review: Request for Proposal (RFP) Process - Procurement

Wireless Communications Review

District Activity and District Capital Funds Compliance Review

A Review of Concerts Held on the North Common Jan. 2006 - Mar. 2011


2010 - 2011


Corporate Grants, Donations and Contributions

Corporate Overtime - Risk and Opportunity - Phase 1

Transit Cash Collection & Processing, Fare Box Processing & Maintenance

Purchase & Installation Bus Wash: Metro Transit

Compliance Review: Recreation Area Rates

Automatic Forwarding of Email: Data Sovereignty

Theft of Coin: Parking Meters

Theft of Coin, Tickets: Metro Transit

Unsolicited Emails


Advisory Activity Reports


2011 - 2012





Council Code of Conduct - Complaint Process

Recruitment Process for the Chief Administrative Officer

Recruitment Process for the Director of Finance



For more information, please contact the Office of the Auditor General:


Telephone: 902-490-8407
Email:  auditorgeneral[at]
Fax:  902-490-8421
T.I.P.S. Hotline:  902-490-1144