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Improperly Placed Curbside Solid Waste

Curbside collection of garbage and recyclable material is one of the many conveniences enjoyed by most residents of HRM. To prevent this service from creating an issue in our neighbourhoods, property owners are required to abide by curbside solid waste regulations provided in HRM By-Laws S-300 Respecting Streets, Part II Section 10 and S-600 Respecting Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Section 10.

Improperly placed curbside solid waste is a quality-of-life issue:

  • garbage may escape from ripped bags or tipped over cans. The debris may end up littering your property, the street or your neighbour's property.
  • piles of garbage exposed to the elements may give off an offensive odour.
  • streets lined with piles of garbage for extended periods of time are unattractive.

may be a hazard:

  • Piles of garbage may attract rodents and other pests. Strong winds may blow bags or containers into the street, obstructing traffic and/or causing an accident.

Property Owner's Responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for the condition of their property at all times. Property owners must:

  • keep the curbside free of debris.
  • place organic green cart, collectible garbage and recyclables at the curbside no earlier than 7 p.m. the evening before the scheduled collection day and no later than 7 a.m. the morning of the scheduled collection day ( green cart, collectible garbage and recyclables) .
  • remove organic green cart, garbage containers and any materials not collected by 9 p.m. on the scheduled collection day.

Violating Curbside Solid Waste Regulation

Property owners in violation of curbside solid waste regulations will receive a 24 Hour Order requiring them to remove the improperly placed solid waste, organic green cart or garbage containers from the curbside. Failure to comply with the order will result in the HRM removing the materials and issuing an invoice to the property owner for the cost of the removal. The property owner may also be issued a Summary Offence Ticket of $233.95 or greater.

Dealing With A Curbside Solid Waste Issue

Residents who are experiencing an issue with improperly placed curbside solid waste should:

  • speak to the property owner. The property owner may not be aware of curbside solid waste regulations.
  • contact By-Law Services at 311, 1(800) 835-6428 (Toll free in Nova Scotia Only) if:
    • they are unable/unwilling to contact the property owner.
    • they have spoken with the property owner but there has been no attempt to address the issue.

When reporting improperly placed curbside solid waste issues, residents should provide the civic address of the property where the improperly placed curbside solid waste is located and the regular collection day for the area.

Illegal Dumping

  • In Progress - call police at 490-5020.
  • On HRM Property - call 311 or 1(800) 835-6428 (Toll free in Nova Scotia Only).
  • On Private Property - call the HRM Call Centre at 311 or or 1(800) 835-6428 (Toll free in Nova Scotia Only) to file an incident report if you have information regarding the identity of the dumper. The Halifax Regional Municipality is not responsible for removing illegally dumped material from private property. Property owners should place the dumped material curbside for collection on their regular garbage day or make arrangements for the material to be removed from their property.
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