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Who We Are

We respond to property related public safety and quality-of-life issues. Enforcement and public education services are provided by staff. Remedy work is performed by HRM's Youth LIVE program and/or local contractors.

By-Law Standards

By-Law Standards strives to “to promote a safe, healthy place to live and work by providing education and partnering with other service providers and the community.

By-Law Standards is responsible for:

  • Enforcing Exterior Property Legislation On Private Property:
    • Improperly Placed Curbside Solid Waste
    • Illegal Dumping
    • Dangerous or Unsightly Premises
    • Enforcing Land Use by-laws and Zoning complaints on private property
    • Enforcing temporary signs on private property
  • Enforcing Quality-of-Life Legislation:
    • Day Time Noise
    • Commercial Vending on Public Property
  • Enhancing Public Awareness and Education