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Emergency Management Organization
Emergency Planning: A How-to Guide for You and Your Family

Planning and preparing BEFORE an emergency or disaster are crucial to how you react during a disaster, and how quickly you recover in the aftermath. By being prepared for emergencies, you can significantly decrease the risk of damage to your life and property.

In this section, you will find guidelines on how to prepare yourself and members of your family so that you can survive a disaster with as little trauma as possible. There is specific information about preparing your household and your car for an emergency or disaster. In addition, instructions about preparing food and water supplies, as well as checklists to remind you of the essential items for your kits, have been included.

On this website there is information for collecting and storing documents that may be useful in the event of an emergency. These include an contact card and a important documentation for recording essential identification and medical information for all members of your household. This information that can be used in case the originals are destroyed or inaccessible during an emergency or disaster. It is advisable to keep a copy in your household and car survival kits.

Members of your family should have a copy of the contact card with them at all times. You can print copies of these documents, including the checklists, from this site after filling in the necessary information.