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Economic Strategy

Economic Strategy

Planning for Prosperity - Together

Planning for Prosperity - TogetherWe are excited to present

A Greater Halifax - 2011-2016 Economic Strategy for our city. This strategy picks up from Halifax's previous five-year economic strategy - Strategies for Success - which expired in early 2011.

It sets out a bold vision for the future. A vision that sees Halifax taking its place as the economic engine for the region. It is a vision of Halifax as a truly international city where people learn, work, easily start and grow a business, capitalize on ideas and live within a diverse, vibrant, and sustainable community.

The Strategy has five goals that will support Halifax's role as an economic engine for the region:

Regional Centre

Build a vibrant and attractive Regional Centre that attracts $1.5 billion of private investment and 8,000 more residents by 2016

Business Climate

Promote a business climate that drives and sustains growth by improving competitiveness and by leveraging our strengths.


Creating a welcoming community where the world's talent can find great opportunities, engaged employers and resources for career advancement.  

International Brand

Create a unique, international city brand for Halifax  

Maximize Growth Opportunities

Capitalize on our best opportunities for economic growth.

The Economic Strategy is the result of collaboration between representatives of all three levels of government, business, post-secondary, not-for-profit and community volunteers. These participants volunteered over 3,000 hours developing this strategy. They consulted widely to ensure that this strategy aligned with the priorities and expectations of business, government, and the whole community. This spirit of alignment and partnership continues into the implementation of the strategy, as a diverse group of representatives from the public and private sector work together to achieve to achieve the five goals.