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Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project Update

Latest News - July 7, 2010

Point Pleasant Park's Black Rock beach and the Dingle Park beach are both now open for supervised swimming. The latest water test results indicate levels well below the guidelines recommended for safe swimming. * Please note, following heavy rain events, swimmers should not swim in the harbour for 3 days.

Lifeguards are on duty and residents and visitors are welcome to enjoy these great beach locations.

For additional information, please see the recently released Press Release.


The Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) officially opened in February 2008. In full operation, the plant was able to meet the goal of greatly improved water quality, reaching objectives for the Halifax Harbour as set out by residents.

Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility

Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility, Upper Water Street, Halifax

Power Outage Leads to Malfunction

On January 14, 2009, the Halifax WWTF suffered wastewater flooding damage due to an extended local area power outage. As a result, the plant has been temporarily shut down and all wastewater previously routed through the plant is being discharged into Halifax Harbour.


Halifax plant schematic standards
Schematic of Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility prior to flood (click on image to enlarge)



Halifax plant schematic flood
Schematic of Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility after the flood (click on image to enlarge)


The flooding in the plant was limited to the basement and wet well areas. The equipment/systems in those areas that were exposed to wastewater will need to be repaired and/or replaced.


A preliminary report resulting from the extensive forensic investigation is currently being reviewed by Halifax Water, HRM staff and relevant partners.  The primary goal is restoring the facility to full operation as soon as possible.

Restoration efforts, including a thorough clean-up of the many of the affected areas is complete and some auxiliary systems have been partially returned to service.  

At the time of the malfunction the plant was in the fourth month of a three-year warranty period with substantial insurance policies in place.  

While this temporary shutdown is a set back for residents and those involved in the project, the Halifax WWTF will be returned to service and the goal of greatly improved water quality in your Harbour, once again realized.

Next Steps

The goal of HRM and Halifax Water is to get the plant operational as soon as possible, correct any deficiencies, enhance the design and operation to reduce the risk of flood reoccurrence and to shield the ratepayers from financial exposure.

With the Halifax WWTF fully operational in June 2010, this goal has been achieved and the water quality of the Harbour is back, and even better, to where it was prior to the flooding incident, meeting the expectations of the public.