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Plan Development & Engagement

The HGNP will be completed in three phases of data collection, analysis and engagement, including:

Phase 1 - Foundations (completed in winter 2016)

Objective: Understand what we have, what we value and where we want to go, by way of technical study and engagement.

- Phase 1 "What We Heard" Engagement Report
- State of the Landscape Report
- Cultural Landscapes Framework Report
- Fact Sheet: State of the Landscape Report

To date, more than 9,000 comments and ideas have been gathered from the public on important issues pertaining to Halifax’s regional open space network. Feedback was used to draft core planning and implementation directions in Phase 2, which will form the foundation of the HGNP.

The ‘Feedback Sunburst’ is an interactive tool that allows viewers to look more closely at the community input.

Phase 2 - Planning Framework ( to be completed winter 2017)

Objective: Understand landscape impacts through detailed ecological assessment, consider open space network scenarios and options and develop planning and implementation directions.


- Phase 2 "What We Heard" Engagement Report
- Draft Halifax Green Network Plan: Primer Report
- Draft Halifax Green Network Plan: Map Primer – Values Maps

Were you unable to attend any of the meetings? Still interested in the presentation? Check out this video of the presentation:

Phase 3: Draft and Final Plan (to be completed spring 2017)

Objective: Develop detailed implementation framework and final plan.


- Public engagment (winter 2017)
- Final draft Halifax Green Network Plan (spring 2017)