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State of the Landscape Report: Issues and Opportunities

As the first major deliverable of the Halifax Green Network Plan (HGNP), the State of the Landscape Report: Issues and Opportunities provides an overview of the key open space values, issues, and opportunities that will influence the development of the HGNP.

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Fact Sheet 1: Green Network Project Overview
Fact Sheet 2: State of the Landscape Report

Open Space Values

ECOSYSTEMS: Diverse and healthy ecosystems provide a series of important ecosystem services and benefits, such as provisioning (water, food, and fiber), regulating (climate and water), and supporting natural and built environments (habitats, water quality).

WORKING LANDSCAPES: Working landscapes provide important economic development opportunities, while ensuring the viability of ecosystems in the long-term. The preservation of traditional land-uses, food security and the viability of rural communities all strongly depend on a thriving working landscape.

Connected parks, wilderness areas, and trails provide a wide range of recreational and active transportation opportunities within reach of communities, which can help promote active lifestyles, contribute to quality of life, and stimulate economic investment.

Parks and open spaces contribute to the unique sense of place, as well as help shape community identity and community form. Strategic open space protection helps to ensure that growth management objectives are achieved through sustainable development patterns. Accessible urban open spaces are connected by foot, bicycle, and transit, and promote an active lifestyle, as well as contribute to the overall quality of life.

CULTURAL LANDSCAPES: Cultural landscapes, including their historical context and land uses, are the foundations for the communities’ sense of place and identity.