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Help to Others (H2O)


Water, Wastewater, Stormwater Assistance Fund

Program Overview:

Salvation Army Logo - Help to OthersIn the spring of 2010 Halifax Water began working with the Salvation Army to establish a fund to assist Halifax Water customers who are truly in need and in April 1, 2011 the Help To Others Fund, or H2O Fund, was launched. This H2O Fund is a water, wastewater, stormwater assistance fund that can be utilized by Halifax Water customers who are having a hard time making their water, wastewater, stormwater bill payments.

The program is funded by Halifax Water and its employees, and administered by The Salvation Army. Halifax Water funds the program in the amount of $25,000 annually.  Halifax Water employees are also putting together an employee sponsored fund.  Funds donated by Halifax Water employees will be matched by Halifax Water to a maximum of $25,000 annually.

The H2O Fund is not a rebate program.  It is intended to assist households in an emergency, especially those with no other resources available.  The H2O Fund assists with the cost of residential water, wastewater and stormwater.  Anyone seeking assistance must complete and submit the H2O Fund application Help to Others Fund Application Form along with the required supporting documents.  The H2O Fund application can also be found on the Salvation Army's web site, or at Halifax Water’s 450 Cowie Hill Rd. office, Salvation Army’s Gottingen St. location, and all HRM Customer Services Centres.

Applicants are not eligible to receive assistance if:

  • Residential water, wastewater & stormwater costs are included in applicant’s rent.

  • Residential water, wastewater & stormwater account is not in the applicant’s name (e.g.: account is in landlord’s name).


How To Apply For Water, Wastewater, Stormwater Assistance

To apply for assistance from the H2O Fund, applicants must complete the application form Help to Others Fund Application Form and provide supporting documents. Approved applicants will receive assistance once in a 24 month period to a maximum of $250.00.                            

Selection Process

The Salvation Army receives and reviews all completed applications and determines which applicants will receive support. All applicants will be contacted by Salvation Army staff to let them know if they will or will not receive assistance.  Applicants who receive assistance will have the funds applied directly to their Halifax Water account.