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Stormwater Management


Stormwater management is essential to protecting private and public property, as well as our environment. Stormwater management enables safe transportation of people, goods and services fundamental to the local economy. Since July 2013 Halifax Water has had a seperate stormwater charge as approved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB). Previous to this date, stormwater was included in a combined wastewater/stormwater charge initially levied by Halifax Municipality in 1997 and continued by Halifax Water after wastewater and stormwater assets were transferred from the Halifax Municipality.

On October 31, 2016 Halifax Water filed an application with the NSUARB to adjust the rates, rules and regulations regarding stormwater.

A public hearing will take place the week of February 14, 2017 NSUARB Stormwater Rate Application public hearing to take place week of February 14, 2017.


Is Your Property Within the Halifax Water Stormwater Boundary?

Please note:
**This stormwater boundary map is for the Halifax Water Site Related Flow charge only, it does not address the Halifax Municipality Right of Way charge.

**When entering your address to determine if you are within the Halifax Water stormwater boundary, please be as specific as possible by including:

  • civic number
  • street name
  • community
  • and province.

Understanding Stormwater

What Does Your Stormwater Look Like?

Please note: Click images for a larger view


Scenario 1: Direct Stormwater Discharge

Image dipicting direct stormwater discharge to the stormwater system


Scenario 2: Off-Street Stormwater Infrastructure

Image dipicting off-street stormwater infrastructure


Scenario 3: Piped Stormwater Systems

Image dipicting Piped Stormwater Systems


Scenario 4: Stormwater Discharge from Low Lying Area

Image dipicting stormwater discharge from low lying area


Scenario 5: Stormwater Discharge via Adjacent Property

Image dipictng stormwater discharge via adjacent property


Scenario 6: Stormwater Discharge via Water Course or Water Body

image dipicting stormwater discharge via a water course


October 31, 2016 Halifax Water Application with the NSUARB


What are the Proposed Changes in This Rate Application?

  • Owners of Residential Properties would pay a Site Related Flow Charge based on the tiering of Residential Properties as noted in the chart below. Properties with more impervious area (ie. roofs, asphalt, concrete, and packed gravel) would pay more than those with less impervious area.
Stormwater billing tier paramaters for residential properties
  • Residential Customers are currently charged $33.39 annually based on an average impervious area. Under this proposal, the majority of residential customers (88%) will see a decrease in their Site Related Flow Charge from Halifax Water.
  • More properties will be exempt - those with less than 50 square meters of impervious area.
  • Customers will be billed in increments of 10 m2 rather than billing based on 1 m2 of impervious area.
  • The definition of stormwater service is aligned with industry practice elsewhere in North America to recognize that most of the properties with the Boundry receive one or more of the following services from Halifax water:
    • Stormwater from the property enters any part of Halifax Water's stormwater system.
    • The property is accessed directly by a driveway which crosses over a Halifax Water culvert.
  • Halifax Water's Site Generated Flow Charge is renamed: Site Related Flow Charge.
  • The Municipality continues to bill for the impervious area in the street right of way consistent with the approved Cost of Service Approach.

You can find a full list of proposed changes to residential and non-residential Stormwater Service in the Rate Application Stormwater Service Rate Application October 31, 2016.


Stormwater Billing Appeals Process

If you feel that you do not receive stormwater service from Halifax Water, or that you have otherwise been improperly billed, you can appeal your stormwater bill.

The “appeal” process is provided for in Section 7 of the Halifax Water Rules and Regulations. The language used in the Regulations Stormwater Service Rate Application October 31, 2016 is “Notice of Objection”. The process if you wish to appeal is as follows:

Step 1: You must file a Notice of Objection with Halifax Water outlining why you believe no stormwater is discharged from your property into Halifax Water’s stormwater system. This may be done by contacting Halifax Water via:

  • Email:
  • Letter: P.O. Box 8388 RPO CSC, Halifax, NS B3K 5M1
  • Facsimile: 902-490-4749
  • Telephone: Customer Service at 902-490-4820
  • In person: 450 Cowie Hill Road, Halifax, NS

Step 2: If you wish to appeal Halifax Water’s written reply to your Notice of Objection, a complaint may be made to the NSUARB under the Public Utilities Act. Halifax Water’s Rules and Regulations may be found at


Pipes to Parks, Managing Stormwater in Halifax

Halifax is a wet city! And when all that rain, snow, slush, sleet, etc is done soaking through your clothes, it all ends up somewhere. PLANifax teams up with the Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Halifax Diverse, and Halifax Water to dive into the issue of stormwater management.