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Water Quality, Supply, Treatment & Support

Halifax Water takes water quality very seriously and it shows as the winners of the Atlantic Canada 'Best of the Best' Tap Water Taste Test two of the last three years. Halifax Water takes its stewardship responsibility very seriously. We believe our customers should be able to drink directly from the tap or fountain with confidence. In this regard, our staff are committed to providing customers with drinking water that meets or exceeds the highest standard in the land. Use the links below to find out how we treat your water, how we protect it and how you can help conserve it.

Water Quality

The multi-barrier approach to safe drinking water.

Source Water Protection & Watersheds

Find out what source water protection is, where Halifax Water's watersheds are.

Water Supply & Treatment

Find out where your water comes from and how it is treated for quality.

Water Conservation & Consumption

Make a contribution to minimize wastage of a very precious resource, find out how.

Lead in Drinking Water

Find out the risks and how Halifax Water is working to minimize exposure.

Stewardship Report

Find out more about Halifax Water operations and programs Halifax Water Stewardship Report.

Water Questions

Answers to common questions including leaks, pressure, geosmin and more.