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Call Before You Dig


Halifax Water has almost 4,000km of critical infrastructure buried underground throughout the Halifax region. Damage to this infrastructure, and other underground infrastructure, caused by construction and excavation activities can pose a significant risk to public safety, can disrupt essential services, and can lead to significant repair costs.

To minimize the risk of damage call 902-490-4820 before you dig to let Halifax Water locate underground infrastructure.

Locate Requests

A minimum of 7 working days is required to process locate requests. Operational emergencies will take precedence over locate requests.

Locate Requests Must Include:

  1. Location of locate
  2. Sketch of locate
  3. Reason for locate (for example: sewer repair, new poles being placed, new light at intersection, etc.)
  4. Site markings of borehole/drilling locations if applicable

Locate Request Form Locate Request Form

Submit completed Locate Request Form to Halifax Water via:

Fax: 902-490-6912

Locate Follow-up Inquiries

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Phone: 902-490-4820

Emergency - Afterhours & Weekends

In an emergency, if you hit our infrastructure after hours or on a weekend please contact the Halifax Water Customer Care Centre at 902-490-4820

Locate Clearance

A locate request is not considered processed until you have been contacted by Halifax Water and given a Locate Clearance Form with a locate number.

This locate clearance is only for the work area indicated and is valid for 28 days. Blue and/or Green paint markings indicate Halifax Water infrastructure and are approximations only:

  • The applicant must ensure that it has confirmed the placement of Halifax Water infrastructure before digging
  • Hand digging is required within one metre of markings
  • Halifax Water assumes no responsibility for private infrastructure
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to locate any infrastructure on private property.


By submitting the application, you are acknowledging that Halifax Water has agreed to locate our infrastructure at no charge. In exchange for this service, you agree to repair any damage to Halifax Water infrastructure, notwithstanding any errors or omissions of the locate or placement of the blue and green paint markings.

The repair work shall be subject to inspection by Halifax Water.