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Wastewater/Stormwater Services & Support

In addition to providing residents with quality drinking water, Halifax Water is also responsible for the provision of wastewater and stormwater services within a defined service area in the Halifax municipality.

Wastewater is made up of the liquid and solid material residents and businesses discharge everyday via toilets, sinks clothes/dishwashers, drains, etc. This material then travels through Halifax Water’s wastewater collection system into one our wastewater treatment facilities.

Stormwater is classified as rain water and melted snow. Managing stormwater is essential to improving the health of local waterways, and protecting public/private property and roadways from flooding. With the increasing number of heavy rainfall events, managing stormwater is critical.

Wastewater Services

Find out why we treat wastewater & what our regulations are.

Stormwater Services

Stormwater is a service provided all across Halifax Municipality but in differing ways. Find out more!

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment facilities & community plants.

Environmental Services

It begins with our mission statement: "To provide world class services for our customers and our environment"


Sewer backups in sewer mains and laterals.

Harbour Solutions Project

Find out how Halifax Water, the Municipality and the citizens cleaned up the Harbour.