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Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement Officers are responsible to ensure public safety, maintain traffic flow requirements as directed by signage and enforce the general rules of the road under legislation of the Motor Vehicle Act, HRM By-law P-500 and the municipal winter parking regulations

Animal Services

Municipal Animal Services responds to animal related public safety and nuisance issues. Enforcement and public education services are performed by municipal Animal Services staff. Sheltering services for lost and impounded pets are provided through a contractual arrangement. By-Law A-300

Residential On Street Parking

The municipality has a number of initiatives designed to manage and provide access to on-street parking in residential areas. These include residential parking exemptions, visitor parking exemptions and monthy parking permits. These initiatives are generally in areas with high demand for on-street parking from residents, commuters and customers. By-Law P-1000

Taxi/Accessible Taxi/Limousine

Requirements for operating a taxi/accessible taxi/limousine in the Halifax Regional Municipality. By-Law T-1000

Temporary Signs

Temporay signs are any signs not intended for permanent installation. These signs are intended to be used for a limited period of time for purposes such as announcing special events, sales, sale or rental of property, supporting political candidates or positions, community events, or presenting other miscellaneous or incidental information or instructions. By-Law S-801

Sidewalk Cafes

Sidewalk Cafes allow local food and beverage establishments to invite patrons to enjoy the option of outdoor dining and socializing. Property owners/proprietors installing sidewalk cafes in the municipal right-of-way are required to submit an application to obtain a license. By-Law S-1000

Food and Artisan Vending

Respecting commerce and vending on municipal lands. Apply for a general vending license. See artisan vending sites - Nathan Green Square and Sackville Landing. Get a mobile canteen vending application. By-Law C-501

NS Highway Directional Signage

Get the details on By-Law A-600 Advertising on Provincial Highways including who is eligible and how to apply. Designed to manage advertising sign clutter along designated provincial secondary highways. The municipality will install advertising structures that will permit licensed individuals to display a directional advertisement on the structure. Individuals interested in advertising on the structure must apply to the municipality for a license.

Automatic Machine

An automatic machine by definition means a mechanical or electronic device that is operated by the introduction of a coin, counter or slug or is designed or normally intended to be so operated and includes a vending machine and an amusement machine but does not include automatic scales, telephone apparatus, gas or electric meters or postage stamp vending machines, or a machine that is licensed by the Province of Nova Scotia. The license year is for a period of 12 months, from April 1 - March 31. By-Law A-200