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2015 Priorities

Following are our 10 priorities, as outlined in our Strategic Plan, for 2015 and beyond:

  1. Effective and Efficient Crime Response: HRP will work to ensure that proper resources are in place to effectively and efficiently respond to crime. We’ll analyze our response metrics and identify gaps in alignment with other agencies so that we can effectively respond in times of crisis.
  2. Good Governance: HRP will work toward having all employees fully reflecting our new core values. We’ll also research and implement new and innovative ways to provide outstanding leadership throughout our organization and community.
  3. Employee and Public Relations (PR): HRP will assess our PR functions to ensure that the necessary PR support is being provided to the organization given that, as I alluded to above, effective and timely communication is key, both internally and externally.
  4. Facilities and Infrastructure: HRP will work toward having the proper facilities and infrastructure put in place so that all employees can more effectively and efficiently perform their duties in the coming years.
  5. Learning and Innovative Culture: HRP plans to develop a human resources strategy that will focus on ensuring that all employees’ skills are being fully utilized based on their skills and expertise while also ensuring their well-being.
  6. Operational Excellence: HRP will work toward identifying and implementing operational performance improvements through the use of a newly-developed performance measurement strategy.
  7. Organizational Culture and Response Philosophy: HRP will work toward the establishment of a new organizational culture that will be based on our new response philosophy and crime reduction strategy. Our updated values will serve as the foundation of our new culture.
  8. Partnerships and Integrated Community Partnerships: HRP will work toward operating within a community partnership and continue to properly identify and collaborate with community partners.
  9. Reduction of Victimization: HRP will work to reduce victimization of our citizens by exploring the possible expansion of our victim services’ mandate and continue to increase our training opportunities in this vein.
  10. Significant Reduction of Crime and Significant Increase in Safety: HRP will work toward significantly reducing crime and significantly increasing safety in all of our communities by implementing various crime prevention and reduction tactics, including, but not limited to, a revised crime reduction strategy that targets specific criminal elements.

Additionally, it’s important that HRP not stop the work that has been done on our operational priorities from last year. As a result, under Priority #9 - Reduction of Victimization, we’ll continue to pursue those six operational priorities as outlined below:

  1. Domestic Violence: We must act and will act to ensure that victims are protected and people know that help is but a call away. We have made great strides in enforcement, but we will focus on what we can do to prevent these acts of violence.
  2. Gun Violence: We have to a help our young men from buying into the ‘gangsta’ mindset that leads down the one-way street to gun violence. By spring, we will be collaborating with a new community-based model of violence interruption and moving to a new level in our intervention and enforcement actions.
  3. Downtown Alcohol and Bar area concerns: We will continue to advocate for changes to legislation in an effort to modify the abuse of alcohol in drinking establishments which takes up so much of our time and is so detrimental to our community. The recent drops in crime in the area are positive indicators that we are on the right track.
  4. Sexualized Violence: We will be working with our community stakeholders to raise awareness in the community of our collective responsibility to address sexualized violence and assist victims of this societal scourge. We will be changing our initial response to sexual assaults, reviewing our messaging, targeting the exploitation of minors and creating partnerships to target predators in our community.
  5. Traffic Safety: More people die and are injured in HRM as a result of traffic accidents than murders, attempted murders, suicides and overdoses combined. The carnage on our roads, including pedestrian accidents, must be reversed and we’ll be actively involved in this through awareness and enforcement. Great enforcement work has been accomplished and we will build on this framework to provide an even more coordinated response.
  6. Cold Case: Nothing is sadder for victims’ families than the unresolved homicide of a loved one. If we have the necessary information and we are reasonably confident in the available evidence, we will be relentless in our pursuit of all clues and investigative avenues.