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Patrol Division

Halifax Regional Police is responsible for policing the urban core of Halifax Regional Municipality and our Headquarters are located in downtown Halifax.

Police Headquarters

Open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
1975 Gottingen Street, Halifax


The uniformed patrol function of a police department symbolizes the police service. It provides a visible policing presence on our city's streets, responds to calls for assistance from the public and works in partnership with citizens through countless community programs and Community Policing Centres. The Patrol Division addresses the problems which cause the greatest harm to the community and works to provide a balanced approach to both reactive and proactive policing to improve the quality of life and sense of safety for citizens.

Our jurisdiction is divided into three divisional areas. Each Division has its own unique culture and demographics and is therefore assigned its own Divisional Office, Divisional Commander and Community Response Officers.

  • East Division

    7 Mellor Avenue,
    Burnside Industrial Park



Patrol officers are divided into four watches. Each watch has officers who are delegated to one of the three divisional areas. Patrol officers work two 12-hour day shifts, two 12-hour night shifts and then have four days off. 

There are a number of specialized services that fall under the umbrella of patrol, including: