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Crest. © 2005 Halifax Regional Police
Leading and partnering
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Leading and Partnering in our Community to Serve and Protect. © 2005 Halifax Regional Police
Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a program aimed at reducing crime in the community.  It involves getting to know your neighbours and introducing them to the concept of Neighbourhood Watch.  Neighbourhood Watch can be summarized as good neighbours working together and being alert to the potential of crime in their area before it starts.

Neighbourhood Watch provides a means of reducing the opportunity for crime to occur, through the active participation of citizens in crime prevention.  Citizens are taught how to make their homes less inviting as a target for thieves; how to participate in Operation Identification, making their personal property less desirable to burglars; and how to be alert to suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods.

Very few people are in a position to protect their homes and property all of the time.  Vacation, business and shopping trips, or even an evening out will leave homes unattended and vulnerable to theft.  The Neighbourhood Watch program will provide a sense of security for individuals or families who leave their homes for any length of time.  The program will also help coordinate the efforts of police and the community in tracking down criminals.  Strong community involvement is encouraged because neighbourhood unity can deter crime.  Neighbours joined together help correct situations that threaten their peace and safety.

All members of Neighbourhood Watch are assigned a personal identification number.  This protects your anonymity when reporting an incident as you are only obligated to identify yourself with your number.  Your name, address and phone number are kept on file within the City Watch database.  Access to your datafile is restricted to your Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

City Watch is an automated telephone messaging system that is enhancing crime prevention efforts.  As crime becomes an increasing problem in today's society, the need to involve the community with crime prevention efforts becomes paramount.  The objective of this program is to share information with the goal of reducing crime and fears accompanying criminal activity.

If you would like to sign up for the Neighbourhood Watch Program we ask that you provide your name, address and phone number. By signing up for Neighbourhood Watch, you are consenting to share the provided information with your local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. Upon receipt of this information, you will be contacted and provided with your Neighbourhood Watch registration number.

If you require more information, contact Cst. Don Jenkins at 490-6977.

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