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Cogswell Interchange

Lands Plan

The Halifax Regional Municipality is conducting a detailed technical analysis of the potential redevelopment of the Cogswell Interchange lands in downtown Halifax.

Cogswell Interchange top showing Purdy's towers


Redevelopment of this site has been previously studied by HRM and other groups over the past decade, most recently as part of the HRMbyDesign Downtown Plan public engagement process from 2007-09. That resulted in a vision for the Interchange being embedded in the Downtown Halifax Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy.

Cogswell Interchange

This exercise will build on those discussions and visions to look at site redevelopment at a finer level of detail exploring transportation, engineering, urban design and financial requirements, in tandem, for the first time. This comprehensive analysis will then be utilized to inform Council and public discussions as to the practical future of the Cogswell Interchange and associated lands.

Cogswell Interchange bottom of aerial picture

These web pages are a resource for consultants, citizens and Council to find information and stay informed as this effort moves forward.


  • Background Information    

                i) Downtown Halifax MPSTo PDF Acrobat Tips

                ii) Downtown Halifax LUBTo PDF Acrobat Tips

               iii) Cantwell &Co and Plaskett –Cogswell Interchange Lands Best Practices Research StudyTo PDF Acrobat Tips

                iv) Vaughan Engineering - Cogswell Street Interchange Study 2001To PDF Acrobat Tips
  • Maps  
             i) Previous Conceptual Street Network PlansTo PDF Acrobat Tips
             ii) Cogswell land useTo PDF Acrobat Tips
             iii) Pre-InterchangeTo PDF Acrobat Tips 
             iv) Post-InterchangeTo PDF Acrobat Tips 
              v) Street Grid OverlayTo PDF Acrobat Tips
             vi) HRM Downtown Model Cogswell Area
             vii) Cogswell Contours