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VisionHRM - Musquodoboit Harbour

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The Musquodoboit Harbour and Area Community Association (formerly the Ratepayers' & Residents' Association) is a community organization that initiated the community's vision and is continuing to implemet the Vision. The vision was developed in partnership with Halifax Regional Municipality - of which Musquodoboit Harbour is a part. To find out more, please visit:

The community needs your help to make your VISION for Musquodoboit Harbour happen! For more information e-mail VisionHRM.

June 19, 2014 - Presentation from the Community Information Meeting on the Musquodoboit Harbour Watershed Studies


Visioning Maps (Large pdf files!)

This aerial photo provides a rough idea of what we mean by the "village core", which is represented by the large yellow-orange elipse.



With in the Visioning Area, we envisage a focal point of mixed residential and commercial uses, represented by the orange cross-hatching. The colours are more intense and the shade is more orange near the middle of the village core, to indicate that we envisage a richer mix of mutually supportive commercial and residential uses in and around this focal point. As one moves outward, the colours fade and yellow predominates. This means that we envisage a transition toward more residential and less commercial land use toward the edge of the village centre, as well as a transition to lower density.