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VisionHRM - Musquodoboit Harbour

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With the Vision and Action plan approved by Regional Council we are moving ahead with the next steps! The community needs your help to make your VISION for Musquodoboit Harbour happen! For more information e-mail VisionHRM.

June 19, 2014 - Presentation from the Community Information Meeting on the Musquodoboit Harbour Watershed Studies


Visioning Maps (Large pdf files!)
Areial Photo of the Village Core
Click to download a pdf image


This aerial photo provides a rough idea of what we mean by the "village core", which is represented by the large yellow-orange elipse.

With in the Visioning Area, we envisage a focal point of mixed residential and commercial uses, represented by the orange cross-hatching. The colours are more intense and the shade is more orange near the middle of the village core, to indicate that we envisage a richer mix of mutually supportive commercial and residential uses in and around this focal point. As one moves outward, the colours fade and yellow predominates. This means that we envisage a transition toward more residential and less commercial land use toward the edge of the village centre, as well as a transition to lower density.