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AEC Leadership

Hands-on engagement and leadership opportunities for young people are key elements of everything we do and create powerful opportunities to gain confidence and skills. Whether it be leading a fulfilling life, leading others, or leading for social change, each experience develops skills that help us to make a difference. Here are some of the possibilities for getting involved:

Earth Education Program Leadership

High school leaders spend three or four school days plus two weekend training days in the outdoors leading an earth education program with children during a school term. They serve as role models for healthy outdoor activity and in the process become more comfortable in spending time outdoors appreciating nature. They receive feedback and gain confidence and skills in working with children that they apply to future work and leadership opportunities. As leaders, they master and then teach an ecology curriculum including basic concepts such as energy flow, cycles, and interrelationships. They set their own "earth steps" as a part of each program in which they define specific commitments to engage in more physical activity exploring in the natural world, and/or to reduce the environmental impacts of their lifestyles. There are three program leadership possibilities:

Winter Treasures
A magical program for grade 3 classes based on a one-day winter outdoors experience. It has a treasure hunt theme in which the children meet a "shape shifter" who they help by searching for hidden shapes in the natural world. The program focuses on endangered species and the steps children can take to help wild creatures. It is run at the Fleming Park each winter.

Cycle Savers
Grade 4 students decipher the lost manual of the Cycle Savers Club, which launches them on an intriguing adventure to appreciate, understand, and respect the cycles of life through an action-packed day trip to a local park. Cycle Savers is run in the spring or fall at an outdoor site in Fall River.

Mysterious Encounters
A hands-on outdoor adventure based on the mystery theme of tracking down the secret formula for all life. Grade 5-6 students become detectives and go to the ends of the earth (figuratively) to solve their case. It is run at the Fleming Park (spring and fall), and through the School of Recreation Management and the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens at Acadia University in the Annapolis Valley (fall).

Summer Youth Leadership

Each summer the Adventure Earth Centre involves young people from ages 13 to 25 in the leadership of its summer environmental camps and youth adventure and leadership training programs. There are a limited number of spaces and we tailor each opportunity to the interests, needs and skills of the individual. Typically young people under 17 fulfill volunteer roles while those who are older may become paid staff. Contact us for more information relevant to your interests.