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Access & Privacy

Routine Access/Disclosure

HRM has a  Routine Access Policy which is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to obtain certain records without the requirement for a formal access application. Under the Routine Access Policy there are two methods for the routine release of records:

  • Active Dissemination - which is periodically and proactively releasing information or records using the Internet, libraries or other means, without any request (i.e. HRM policies, employee travel expenses, statistical information about HRM operations, position descriptions etc.)
  • Routine Access - which is the routine or automatic release, in full or in part, of certain types of records in response to a request for records under the MGA, Part XX. (i.e. permits, routine inspection reports).

HRM Business Units have recently established Routine Disclosure Plans, which identify what type of records, within the custody and control of each Business Unit may be accessed under routine access or active dissemination.

Please click on the name of the Business Unit to see their respective Routine Disclosure Plan.

Should you wish to submit a request for information listed in one of our Routine Disclosure Plans, please fill out our Request for Routine Access form.

** Please make note of the following before submitting an application for Routine Access:

  • A request submitted through a Request for Routine Access must be for a reasonable quantity of records – no more than 50 pages, otherwise an Access to Information Application will be required.
  • The records will be processed within a reasonable time frame but no later than 30 days from the receipt of application.
  • Routine Disclosure Plans and Requests for Routine Access apply to information created after November 2012.