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Active Halifax Communities aims to help you, the practitioner deliver fun and effective physical activity programs. Below is a list of tools and resources that we hope will help you do just that. This list is ever growing and evolving so please be sure to check back often!


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ACTIVE Halifax Communities Brochure - ACTIVE Halifax Communities has developed a brochures to communicate our vision, mission, and resources.  The ACTIVE Halifax Communities brochure targets community organizations and parents

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Success Stories - ACTIVE Halifax Communities is collecting success stories to share and celebrate programs and initiatives that have encouraged children, youth, and their families to be active. This resource will be used to inform, motivate and encourage ACTIVE programs.  To find out how more on our Success Stories or to submit a story, please click on “Success Stories Request”

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Web Links Directory - ACTIVE Halifax Communities regularly updates its directory file with online resources. We hope this list assist individuals, groups, and organization in creating active living opportunities. Below is a list of tools, resources and partners

Doctor's Nova Scotia Kid's Run Club Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services
Halifax Regional School Board Health Promotion's Team Mi'kmaq Native Friendship Centre
Active Living Alliance for Canadian's with a Disability YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs
Halifax Regional Municipality Community Recreation Services Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity
The Nova Scotia Sea School Circus Circle
Stepping Up Halifax Emera Skating Oval
The Indian Act and the (Re)Shaping of Canadian Aboriginal Sport Practices  



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For more information on services and resources within your community, or to share your tools and resources please contact:

Physical Activity Coordinator
Phone: (902) 490-5447
E-Mail: active[at]