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Alarm Permits

Alarm By-law

In response to this problem, the Municipality passed a By-law (B-400). Respecting Burglary, Robbery and Fire Alarm Systems. The goal of this law is to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the number of false alarms that currently take place.

The very first time, in any consecutive 12 month consecutive period, a false alarm occurs on your property there is no fee. Should this happen on a 2nd, 3rd, or subsequent occasion, then you would be charged a fee of $100.00, $125.00 and $150.00 respectively. Should a false alarm occur that can be demonstrated to be beyond the control of the owner, then the fee could be dropped through an appeal process.

Alarms activated in the following manner are deemed NOT to be false alarms:

  1. Any alarm which the owner can demonstrate was caused by the action of people not associated with the owner or alarm system. This EXCLUDES the following groups of people
    • The owner, officers of the owner, agents, employee, independent contractor or any other persons subject to the direct or indirect control of the owner:
    • The person who installed, connected, operated, maintained or serviced the alarm system; or
    • The manufacturer of the alarm system, including the manufacturer's officers, agents, employees, independent contractors or any person subject to the direct or indirect control of the manufacturer;
  2. Where the owner can demonstrate that the alarm was caused by a storm, lightning, earthquake or other violent act of nature; and
  3. Where the Alarm Coordinator is satisfied that the occurrence is isolated and due to a mechanical or electrical failure that has since been corrected by a qualified contractor or installer, proof of which has been provided.

Register your Alarm System

The Alarm By-law also requires that you register your alarm system. There is no charge for this service.

An alarm system is defined as "any mechanical or electrical device which is designed or used for the detection of heat, smoke or fire or an unauthorized entry into a building, structure or facility or for alerting other of the commission of an unlawful act, or both, and which emits a sound or transmits a signal or message when activated," but does not include personal alerting devices or a device that is installed in a vehicle.

Failure to register your alarm system could result in a legal action and a fine being imposed. If you have not previously registered your alarm system, please complete the Alarm Registration form or you may go to any one of our Customer Service Centers and obtain the form. You may also call 311 and have the Alarm Application sent to you.

If you have questions related to the registering of your alarm you may call 311 or you may email us your Comments/Questions to Alarms.

Today we collectively face the possibility of reduction in service due to dwindling government resources. When considering all the best possible uses for two and a half million dollars, responding to false alarms certainly is not one of them.

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