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Pet Licensing

Dog Licensing Regulations

Municipal By-Law A-700 requires all owners to license their dogs either through the purchase of an annual or a lifetime license (lifetime requires proof of microchip).

 Owners are required to apply for a license within 20 days of obtaining a dog.

Dangerous Dog Licensing Regulations

The owner of any dog classified as a "dangerous dog" must license their dog as a dangerous dog in the municipal registry each year.

Grandfathered Prohibited Animal Licensing Regulations

Municipal By-Law A-700 requires all owners of grandfathered prohibited animals to license their pets annually.

How Do I License My Pet

You can license your pet or pay for your license renewal:

  • by mailing a completed licensing form To PDF Acrobat Tips with the correct payment to:

    Municipal Dog Licensing
    PO Box 1749
    Halifax NS B3J 3A5

Regular Pet Licensing Fees

License Type Annual Lifetime (requires microchip)
Standard Senior* Standard Senior*
Unaltered Dog

Spayed/ Neutered Dog

Service Animal*
Dog Designated as Dangerous

Grandfathered Prohibited Animal

$150 $75

Replacement Tag


* Proof must be provided to be eligible for these license discounts. Individuals must be 65 or older to receive the seniors' discount. It is an offence to provide false information when applying for a license.

Violating Pet Licensing Regulations

Pet owners found to be in violation of municipal By-Law A-700 licensing regulations may:

  • be issued a warning notice.
  • be issued a Summary Offense Ticket of $237.50 or greater.
  • face prosecution in a court of law.