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Become a Bike Week Benefactor


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Cycling for Everyone!

Bike Week aims to spread awareness and encourage families, friends and colleagues to break out the bike and integrate it into their daily routine. Building better lifestyles, educating residents on the rules of the road, and of course having some fun while doing it!

The Pitch.

Want to be actively involved in your community?

From June 2-11, 2017 join more than 7,000 residents from across the municipality in leading healthier and active lifestyles and have some fun while doing it.

Bike Week has grown from 18 events with just 800 participants in 2006, to 60 events reaching 7,000+ participants in 2014. It is through community groups, bike enthusiasts and supporters like you that enable us to expand our reach in efforts to improve the lives of residents living in the municipality by encouraging them to get out and become more active.

Your contribution will help to offset event costs, fund youth grants, and encourage broad participation for greater local impact by supporting dozens of community groups to host events all over Halifax.

The Opportunities.

Explore the various opportunities available and find the best one that fits with your organization or business:


Platinum Sponsor | Investment Level: $5,000

Platinum Sponsor is the highest and most effective level of sponsorship available. The Platinum Sponsor receives exclusive recognition and benefits as the top overall sponsor of Bike Week. This level of generosity demonstrates an irrefutable commitment to promoting active, healthy lifestyles in the community and raising awareness about cycling safety.

Principal Sponsor | Investment Level: $2,000

Principle Sponsors are as essential to Bike Week as the wheels on a bicycle - they are the key leaders and contributors behind the event. Those who choose this level of commitment enjoy a number of benefits such as the opportunity to name an event after their organization.

Major Sponsor | Investment Level: $1,000 - $1,999

Major Sponsors are significant contributors that add to Bike Week events and its growing success - this level of sponsorship represents a commitment to making a difference in the community. In turn, Major Sponsors are recognized with high levels of exposure at Bike Week events.

Supporting Sponsor | Investment Level: $999 or less or an In-kind donation

This level of sponsorship recognizes support for cycling in the municipality that goes beyond financial contributions. Supporting Sponsor contributions include smaller monetary donations, prizes, food, etc - the little extras that make a big difference at Bike Week.

Media Sponsor | Investment Level: unlimited

Media Sponsors utilize their expertise and channels to reach the community and help us spread the word about Bike Week. In-kind advertising opportunities and coverage of events from our Media Sponsors go a long way in making a successful Bike Week. This year, we’re looking for an Official TV Media Sponsor, an Official Radio Media Sponsor, and an Official Print Media Sponsor to help spread awareness about events and cycling in the municipality during Bike Week.

There are 3 unique opportunities to showcase your organizations talent by doing what you do best; Bike Week is in pursuit of an Official TV Media Sponsor, an Official Radio Sponsor, and an Official Print Sponsor.


The Benefits.

What's in it for you?

Besides being associated with a project that reflects community commitment and pride, active lifestyles, health & wellness, and promoting sustainability, you will recieve lots of benefits to gain exposure across the munnicpality.

Intrigued? Want to learn more?

Explore the opportunities levels and associated benefits by reading our Sponsorship Package.



I'd be happy to discuss our Bike Week opportunities or clarify and questions you may have, just shoot me an email or call for a chat!

Uytae Lee
P: 902-494-7703