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Volunteer Opportunities

Application Form

Mayor Savage and Members of Regional Council encourage citizen participation on Municipal Boards, Committees and Commissions. To be eligible to apply you must be a resident of Halifax Regional Municipality. Committees on which citizens may serve are marked on the list with ( C )

Each year HRM advertises for volunteers to serve on Boards, Committees and Commissions, and also accepts applications throughout the year. Current advertisements for volunteers, when available, will be posted to this page.

If there are no current vacancies on the Board/Committee/Commission(s) you'd like to serve on, your application will be held on file for consideration until the next selection process is complete.

Appointments will be made in accordance with the Public Appointment Policy.

Applications may be submitted electronically using the form provided, or you may print the application form and mail or fax it to the Office of the Municipal Clerk.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Municipal Clerk.

Opportunity to Serve

Volunteering on HRM’s Board and Committees is important – are YOU interested?

The Halifax Regional Municipality is currently looking for members of the Community to volunteer to serve on a number of Advisory Boards and Committees such as:

Active Transportation (Representative from a group that promotes walkability)
Districts 7 & 8 Planning Advisory Committee
Domestic and Feral Cat Advisory Committee (Citizen at Large who do not have any affiliation with Conservation or Rescue Groups and Veterinarians)
Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee
Regional Watersheds Advisory Board (The following Representatives: North West Community Council, Halifax & West Community Council, Academia and Environmental NGO’s or Recreational Organizations)

In addition to and accordance with the public appointment policy adopted by Halifax Regional Council members of a committee should bring:

• The necessary skills to contribute to good governance
• A respect and appreciation for diversity
• Time, energy and ability to serve on an active committee
• Able to participate in a positive manner in deliberations and decision making

Your application should be accompanied by any additional information that would assist in making appointments and/or nominations to Halifax Regional Council, such as a cover letter or resume outlining relevant knowledge or interest and any previous committee experience. Where applicable please state the membership category you are applying to represent.

Thank you for your interest in your community and Halifax!

Application on-line:


Nominations are made in keeping with the Public Appointment Policy adopted by Regional Council in August, 2011, to be found at