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District Boundary Review


The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires that all municipalities in Nova Scotia conduct a review of the number and boundaries of polling districts in the municipality on a regular basis. The final decision on municipal polling districts and boundaries is made by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) and is binding on the municipality.

The most recent review was conducted in 2014 and the resulting district boundaries are currently in effect. The previous review, conducted in 2010-2011, resulted in a reduction in the number of polling districts from 23 to 16.

Previous Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board Decisions

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2015 NSUARB Decision - Number of Districts and their Boundaries
2011 NSUARB Decision - Number of Districts (reduction in the number of Municipal Districts from 23 to 16)
2011 NSUARB Decision - Boundaries
2007 Decision
2004 Decision

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