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2015-16 Operating & Project Budgets


Regional Council reviewed Halifax Regional Municipality’s 2015-16 operating and project budgets on April 28, 2015.

  • The $869-million gross operating and $135.8-million gross project budgets include a residential tax rate increase of 1.1 cents while the urban commercial tax rate drops by 4.4 cents.
  • Both the transit tax rates have decreased.

Residential Tax Rate

The general rates of taxation (per $100 of Assessed Value) on residential property will be set at:

  • $0.669 for the urban area (Last year: $0.658)
  • $0.636 for the suburban area (Last year: $0.625)
  • $0.636 for the rural area (Last year: 0.619)

Commercial Tax Rate

The general rates of taxation on commercial property (per $100 of Assessed Value) will be set at:

  • $2.895 for the urban area (Last year: $2.939)
  • $2.895 for the suburban area (Last year: $2.939)
  • $2.566 for the rural area (Last year: $2.590)

Tax rates associated with Transit (per $100 of Assessed Value) will be set at:

  • $0.049 for the Regional Transportation tax rate (0.051 last year)
  • $0.102 for the Local Transit tax rate (0.105 last year)

HRM Proposed and Approved Budget Books 2015/2016

NOTE: The approved operating budget book will be posted after area rates are approved in June.

To view the entire proposed budget books, please click on the book covers.   In addition, the various sections of the books are outlined in the charts below and available in PDF format.

Operating Budget Book capital budget book capital projects interactive map

Budget book information by section in PDF format.

Proposed Operating Budget 2015-2016

Full Book (pdf) Support Services and Governance:

Executive Summary

Auditor General

Introduction to Halifax

Chief Administration Office

Discussion and Analysis

Finance and ICT

Services to Citizens:

Human Resources

Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency

Legal Services

Halifax Public Libraries

Operations Support

Parks and Recreation

Corporate Accounts

Planning and Development

Reserve Budget

Halifax Regional Police & RCMP

Capital Budget

Halifax Transit


Transportation and Public Works



Approved Capital Budget 2015-2016

Full Book (pdf) 2015/16 Capital Budget Summary
Approach to the Capital Budget 2015/2016 Capital Budget Detail
Capital Expenditure Plan 2016/2017 Capital Budget Summary
Capital Funding Plan 2016/2017 Capital Budget Detail
Impact on the Operating Budget 2017/2018 Capital Budget Summary
  2017/2018 Capital Budget Detail
  Appendix 1:  Capital Projects Supplementary Report (FULL)


For a breakdown of the sections within Appendix 1, please click on the links below:

Approved Capital Budget Appendices (per section)

Buildings Parks & Playgrounds
Business Tools Roads & Streets
Community & Property Development Sidewalks
Equipment & Fleet Solid Waste
Halifax Transit Traffic Improvements
Industrial Parks