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Land Sales and Impacts on Downtown Commercial Sector
Council recently voted to allow the preparation of new land for sale and development in Burnside. There has been some discussion around whether or not this negatively impacts the downtown commercial and retail industry.

The Business Park Development Functional Plan, endorsed by Regional Council in 2009, provided a management plan for growth of commercial sector uses for the park. The industrial, commercial services, supply and wholesale businesses have ancillary offices and showrooms which will remain, but the intent is to have more definition around them. There are several transportation, manufacturing, production, labs and technical services companies that have head office functions integrated into their purpose-built facilities whose models don't work in a traditional downtown or urban core environment.

With a balanced approach to land use changes we can protect the industrial nature of these parks without pushing these facilities and jobs out of HRM or Province.     

Burnside Sales by Industry Sector - chart (PDF 123.18KB)

Questions & Answers:

Q. Council recently voted to allow the preparation of new land for sale and development in Burnside. Does this mean there are fewer development opportunities for downtown?

A. No. The money allocated to Burnside will be “paid back” as the Burnside lots (property) sells. It does not reduce this coming year’s operating budget, or capital that is available for the rest of HRM this coming year.

Q. Even though this property, Burnside 12-4, is zoned I2 (light industrial), I read the bylaw and it says you can allow commercial and residential uses in an I2 zone. Isn’t this approval bad for downtown, won’t this mean more office buildings in Burnside?

A. I1 and I2 (light industrial zones) can - theoretically - be developed as commercial or residential properties, but HRM has a number of ways that we currently make sure that new parcels in Burnside are used for industrial, in this case, a logistics park.

Q. Why does HRM continue to invest in Burnside and encourage development of new lands while vacancy rates downtown are low by comparison?

A. Burnside Park is one of the largest concentrations of employment in the province. Its employers are key drivers of the legal, banking, accounting, finance, insurance and professional services sectors region wide, many of which are located in the downtown core.

Q. Are there any development controls in Burnside?
A. Yes, HRM protects the industrial use of this area in three ways: point of sale; site development proposal approval; and buy back agreements.
1. Point of Sale: Properties are marketed to target commercial and industrial users. If you wish to buy in Burnside Phase 12-4 for residential, stand-alone office building or retail store you are advised of the limitations and how your development is not permitted, as proposed, under HRM’s conditions of sale. Also, this part of the park is already very industrial or sector specific, the established concentration of existing developments and users in greater Phase 12 dictates the user environment.

The point of sale or contract mechanism offers strong control. If, for example, a company builds a cold storage warehouse under these guidelines, the probability of it being converted to retail or office within 25 years is remote. However improvements to the I2 zoning are required to preserve and protect longer term interests of both property owners and the municipality.

2. Site Development Proposal: A suitable purchaser, for example a transportation or construction company, is required as part of the sale agreement to submit a Site Development Proposal (SDP) for approval prior to closing. The SDP, is a schedule to the agreement, and survives closing.

3. Buy Back Agreement (BBA): The transaction and development is governed by the terms of the BBA. The purchaser has three general requirements to get the BBA released from their property; purchaser must commence construction within 12 months of closing; build as per the approved Site Development Proposal; and substantially complete the development within 24 months of the closing date. If any of these terms are not met HRM has the option to buy back the property or apply financial penalty.
Q. What is HRM planning on doing in the future to strengthen these controls and ensure industrial parks are industrial?
A. The Regional Plan, specifically the approved (sub-plan) Business Park Functional Plan sets out the policy for further controls for and within future I2 zones. These changes are particularly important for new lands holdings, to provide greater certainty and definition with respect to permitted uses.



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Burnside is the largest business park north of Boston and east of Montreal with over 1500 hundred enterprises and over 15,000 employees.

Burnside Park is a centrally located urban business park with superb transportation links. Burnside is located adjacent to five 100 series highways providing quick access to and from the park. Additionally, Burnside businesses are located within 10-15 minutes travel time to the downtown Halifax CBD, the Halifax International Airport, and the Port of Halifax. Burnside is extensively serviced by C.N.R. mainline, siding and common user facilities, and is home to the largest concentration of truck transportation in Atlantic Canada. The Park is also served by public transit links including the Rapid Transit bus route.




Burnside Land Sales - By Industry Sector (Fiscal '07 - '12) pdf icon


Enterprises & Employment

    (combined with
    City of Lakes)
Park Dimensions  (Acres)    
Total Gross Area
Burnside Park is:    
  • directly accessible to Highways 111 and 118
  • 6 mi. (10 km) to Downtown Halifax CBD
  • 3 mi. (5 km) to Ceres Container Terminal
  • 7 mi. (11 km) to Halterm Container Terminal
  • 13 mi. (21 km) to Halifax International Airport




blueball Price List & Lot Availability

Note: For current lot availability, please see the price list rather than the plans/maps below, as the colour coding may not be current (in terms of availability).

pdf iconLayout Map of Phase 12-4 (Featuring Lots 1262 - 1279)

pdf icon Layout Map of Phase 12-3 (Featuring Lots 1252 -1261)

pdf icon Layout Map of Phase 12-2

      (Featuring Lots 1240, 1241, 1243, 1244, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1248A, 1248B,

      1249, 1250, 1251)

pdf icon Layout Map of Phase 12-1A

       (Featuring Lots 1231, 1232, 1233 - individual sketches unavailable)

pdf icon Layout Map of Phase 12-1B

      (Featuring Lots 1201, 1202, 1203, 1204, 1210, 1220, 1221, 1222, 1223 )

pdf icon Map of Phase 11-4 Conceptual Plan (Layout Sketch of New Burnside & City

      of Lakes)

pdf icon Overall Layout Map of Newer Section of Park (above Burnside Drive - and

       includes City of Lakes Park)

pdf icon Overall Layout Map of Older Section of Park (below Burnside Drive)

pdf icon Map of Burnside & City of Lakes

pdf icon Aerial Photo   or   902.490.6025