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Civic Address Information

Civic Addressing staff manages and assigns all civic addresses within the municipality. They also approve all new street names and confirm community boundaries. Civic addressing is responsible for correcting addressing issues which may result in renaming and or renumbering of exisitng streets under Bylaw C-300 and Administrative Order #29.

New Addresses and Address Changes

New civic addresses are assigned and changed daily for new construction and development. All new addresses and current address and street changes are listed here weekly as well as new streets. Also a list of street changes since 2002 and all address changes for the current year are available in pdf format.

Official Street List

The official list of all streets public and private, in the municipality. Check here for information regarding the street names and communities in which they are located. This list also contains the accepted street types and their abbreviations and the ranges of civic numbers for all streets.

Street Maintenance Directory

A searchable database of every street in the Municipality. This list includes ownership and maintenance information of all streets in alphabetical order and are separated by community.

Commemorative Naming

Since 2012 we have been encouraging residents to name Municipal Assets after notable people or groups, historic events, geographic features, or native flora and fauna under the Asset Naming Policy. Information on this program as well as an application for naming and a list of current approved names can be found here,


Civic Addressing coordinates the installation of Community and Private Road Signs as well as Cultural District Signs. Check here for information on where to obtain your blue and white Civic Number sign and Report issues with Street or Community Signs.