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Cycling in HRM

three images of cycling in HRM

HRM is working to attract more residents to cycling by developing the bike route network, publishing the Bike and Greenways Map, organizing Bike Week, providing on-street bike parking, and more.

What's New?

Implementation of the Windsor - Vernon - Seymour Bikeway

This provides an overview of the project and information on implementation phases.  The first stage will see the installation of painted bike lanes on Windsor St. in October 2013.


Check out:

2012 HRM Bike Map Available Online

This map identifies desigated bike routes, AT Greenways and suggested on-road routes throughout the municipality.

Overview of on-road bicycle infrastructure in HRM

A list with the locations of new on-road bike routes implemented yearly.

Trails and Greenways in HRM

On-line maps and a guide to the many Greenways and Trails across HRM.

Request a Public Bike Rack PDF Tips

How to request a public bike rack in HRM.

Metro Transit and Active Transportation

Metro Transit services to encourage cycling.

Active Transportation in HRM

Information on how HRM is working to encourage "human powered" transportation, including the Active Transportation Functional Plan.

Safe cycling tips from Halifax Regional Police

Cycling safety information from the Government of Nova Scotia