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Preparing your References

Selecting and Preparing your Reference Check Information:

Consider the following as you choose your references:

  • We require that you provide the names and contact information for a minimum of 3 references.
  • One of your references must be your current or most recent supervisor.
  • References must not be family members.

Your contribution to the process:

  • Ensure your references have agreed to provide reference information, are available during the assessment process and are informed that they will be contacted.
  • Consider providing your references with a copy of your resume.
  • Ensure that you provide current contact information for your references.
  • Provide names of alternate references, if requested.

Your references should:

  • Have had an opportunity to observe you in job-relevant situations.
  • Have direct knowledge of your work.
  • Be able to answer specific questions pertaining to your achievements and strengths.
  • Have worked with you recently for at least six months within the last three years.
  • Be open and candid in providing relevant information about your work performance.