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Energy & Environment

The municipality established the Energy & Environment office to serve as the corporate lead for sustainability and environmental policy, strategy, reporting, and performance monitoring. The office takes an integrated systems approach to the environment, focusing on clean energy, air, water and land. The group also coordinates internal and external education and awareness programs.

Livable Cities Forum

The 2016 Livable Cities Forum: Changing Climate, Changing Communities is being hosted by the Halifax Regional Municipality in partnership with the Partners for Action Network and ICLEI Canada. September 12-14, 2016 at The Westin Nova Scotian, Halifax Registration is now open.

If you would like to submit a proposal to speak at this year’s Forum, please fill out the Call for Presentations application form, and email it by Friday, April 15, 2016.

Solar City

A pilot program that offers homeowners an innovative water heating option that can be financed through a new solar collector account with HRM. Check out the five easy steps to getting your solar water system then register for the program.

Clean Energy

Includes Geothermal Energy (Alderney Five Project), Solar Hot Water, air and Solar City, Wind Energy Master Plan.

Clean Water

Includes Water Quality Monitoring Program, Wastewater/ Stormwater Strategy. Learn how to protect our watersheds.

Clean Land

Our Regional Plan includes water quality, open space, affordable housing, public transit, orientation. Our Solid Waste Management system has achieved high and climbing waste diversion rates over the past several years.

Clean Air/Transportation

Includes Lighting Projects, Corporate Energy Benchmarking, & Natural Gas Projects.

Climate Change

Halifax Regional Council has adopted a target to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions to 30% below 2008 levels by 2020.