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Bedford Hammonds Plains High School - Community Centre Enhancement

The Department of Education announced approval for the replacement of the Charles P. Allen High School and began the process of site selection and acquisition. The site selection process included regional plan review and site visits. Community Development staff attended the meetings and offered information relative to the guiding principles of recreation/community facility development as outlined in the Community Facility Master Plan (CFMP).

The CFMP recommendations 52 and 53 were the basis of that discussion and in particular recommendation 52 which speaks to the appropriateness of site selection for new facilities and the need for consistency relative to adherence to other Regional Council approved strategic documents.

The selected site was publicly announced December 14th, 2010.

What does the Community Enhancement Include:

The new school scheduled to be open September 2013 will be a 180,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the art educational facility with significant community gathering spaces included a cafetorium which will provide community performance space.

The community enhancements include approx 22,000 sq. ft. of community space which will consist of:

  • Upgraded school gymnasium
  • Separate community gymnasium
  • Preschool, youth, senior program spaces
  • Art and leisure program spaces
  • Community meeting rooms
  • Dance and exercise studio spaces
  • Childminding area
  • Artificial turf regulation football turf

These spaces will be constructed in such a way as to allow for daytime access to the centre by members of the public as well as evenings and weekend access. The facility will provide extensive enhancement to the types and quantities of recreation, sport and leisure opportunities currently available in the area.

Regional Plan

HRM staff was involved in the site selection process for this new school, and in fact, based on growth projections and planning trends identified in the Regional Plan, provided specific criteria related to site appropriateness effectiveness for a community enhancement. The site, located on Innovation Drive is closely located to the BMO Centre, HRM's new 4Pad Arena, is situated within a planned public transportation route, is close to good highways and amenities, and is within a major new planned community development. All of these elements indicate that the site is highly desirable for the development and co-location of municipal service delivery of sport, recreation and leisure.

HRM already has joint facilities with the HRSB at the following locations: Basinview Elementary, Tallahassee Community School, Graham Creighton Junior High, Citadel High and the new Porters Lake Elementary School.

Joint sharing of space has proven to be a better management model for both parties and for the community as well.

You are invited to review the following presentation, presented to residents of Bedford and Hammonds Plains on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011.



Additional questions or comments are welcome at: 490-5713 or CFMP[at]