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Porters Lake

Porters Lake Recreation Centre

For details on the facility's construction and up-to-date information on this project please visit: Porters Lake Elementary School and Community Centre


Porters Lake Recreation Centre

8.5 hectare parcel of land located just off Highway 107 at Exit 20, and bordered by the Porters Lake Connector and Porters Lake Station Road
Directions/Map to Porters Lake Recreation Centre (coming soon)


Calling all Community Leaders!

The Porters Lake Recreation Centre (PLRC) Steering Committee has been recruited from volunteers within this community to form the Community Board that will manage the PLRC under a Facility Lease Agreement with HRM.  This will be an 18-24 month time commitment (longer if you choose to continue on the Board) involving approximately 10 hours of work per month (including evenings) starting January 2011. The Community Board will begin managing the operations of the PLRC in September 2011.


Below are information and resources for review:

Letter to Potential Board Members

Letter from District 3 Councillor David Hendsbee

Information on HRM's Facility Lease Agreement Program

Benefits of Joining the PLRC Board

Sample Board Job Description

Map of Catchment Area




For details on the partnership and construction of this facililty please visit: Porters Lake Recreation Centre