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Facility Development - East Dartmouth Community Centre
Citadel Community Centre Background
Citadel High entrance Citadel High sign

1955 Trollope Street, Halifax

Phone: 902-490-3895

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The Citadel Community Centre and Citadel High School model is an excellent example of how municipal government, provincial government, citizens and students can work collaboratively and collectively to create cost-effective educational, recreational and community development opportunities for the citizens of HRM.

Citadel High School which opened in September 2007, replaces Queen Elizabeth and Saint Patrick's high schools which have served the students on the peninsula of Halifax for more than 50 years.

Citadel Community Centre, which will be located in Citadel High, addresses the need for recreational activities and opportunities on the Peninsula. HRM has been able to maximize recreational space for a very affordable and cost-effective price, contributing $1.85 million to build an adjoining gymnasium and other recreational facilities at Citadel High School.

A Joint Use Agreement between Halifax Regional Municipality and Halifax Regional School Board ensures that all facilities will be used as fully as possible:

  • When not being used by HRSB, HRM will have access to the school facilities (classrooms, gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, etc.) to deliver its community-based recreation programs, hold community consultations, and community meetings.
  • HRSB will also use HRM’s athletic fields, playgrounds, sports courts and green spaces to provide a variety of school programs, including physical education classes, other classes, intra-murals, and school sports/athletics.
  • All facilities will be available on a year-round basis and may be accessed by public and/or community organizations when not in use by HRM or HRSB.

HRM will staff and operate Citadel Community Centre.