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Sackville Landing

Recapitalization Project


Halifax Regional Municipality and Waterfront Development have partnered to enhance Sackville Landing on the Halifax waterfront. Located between Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and Summit Place, Sackville Landing is a popular gathering and event space.


Sackville Landing Recapitalization Project

Enhancements to the area support the work outlined in

HRM’s Regional Plan and HRMbyDesign

Project highlights include:

  • A timber boardwalk at the water’s edge and refurbishment of “The Wave”
  • Enhanced landscape and water views
  • Reconfiguration of the landscaped features to help make the area more accessible and useable for the public

The full project is fundamentally complete, with exception of concrete reinstatement which will be completed in spring/summer 2014.

HRM and Waterfront Development are proud to partner on this project to improve Sackville Landing. Enhancements to the area support the work outlined in HRM’s Regional Plan and HRMbyDesign, which include maintaining and improving pedestrian linkages among downtown streets, parks, public spaces, and the water's edge.

This partnership also aligns with Waterfront Development’s commitment to provide public access to the water’s edge.

Please note: Three Ground water monitoring wells will be drilled on or shortly after March 5, 2014 at Sackville Landing. Public access through the site will be maintained although a portion of the deck area and grassy podium may be restricted to access due to public safety precautions.