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Get Involved!

Volunteer to sit on a board or committee, prepare a petition about something you feel strongly about or attend a public hearing or public consultation. Municipal elections take place every four years

Online Engagement Hub

Easily find information and connect on community issues that matter to you without needing to attend a meeting at a given time or place.

Community Engagement Strategy

The Municipality recognizes the importance of involving residents in the development of policy, programs and services. Community engagement is also the basis for building
healthy, strong and inclusive communities. This strategy provides a policy and strategic action direction which will guide how the municipality will inform, consult with,
and engage the public in developing and implementing its programs and services.

Social Media

Connect and stay current through HRM's official social media channels and RSS feeds – including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs.

Boards & Committees

Volunteers to serve on Boards, Committees and Commissions – the ones on which citizens can serve are marked on the list with (C). To be eligible to apply you must be a resident of Halifax.


We want your opinion! Find links to all our current online surveys.