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Diversity is a combination of differences and similarities among people. It is more than race, ability, sexual orientation, language, gender or any other descriptive category. Diversity means understanding and utilizing different views, ideas, life experiences, skills and knowledge.

Halifax Regional Municipality is successful in a number of internal initiatives designed to recognize, increase and celebrate diversity of its employees. These initiatives include educational opportunities in the area of cultural competency, human rights/workplace rights, disability awareness, respect in the workplace, as well as assisting individual business units based on their unique requirements.

Since 2000, HRM has designated a week in October to celebrate HRM Workplace Diversity. During this week, business units report on their diversity initiatives, employees display their diversity through panel discussions, forums, cultural displays, potluck luncheons, etc. In 2008, HRM sponsored a Corporate Diversity Festival to celebrate the cultural mosaic of the HRM staff and the community.

Click for more information on the Diversity LogoHalifax Regional Municipality adopted a Community & Race Relations Policy for the region. Its goal is to ensure that residents from the many diverse communities that make-up HRM have an equal opportunity to develop their individual potential.

The four policy objectives are Equality of Opportunity, Education and Sensitization Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity.

HRM is committed to working to eliminate racism and to promote understanding and acceptance between the diverse communities residing in the municipality.

More information on our new Diversity Logo

Significant Dates:


African Heritage Month


International Women's Day                                     March 8th

International Day for the Elimination of Racism         March 21st


Refugee Rights Day                                                 April 4th 



Asian Heritage Month                                       month of May

International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia                May 17th

Partnership for Access Awareness Week

Nova Scotia                                                         end of May


World Refugee Day                                               June 20th

National Aboriginal Day                                          June 21st



Pride Week                                                  July 15th - 21st


Treaty Day                                                        October 1st


International Day of People with Disabilities       December 3rd

International Human Rights Day                      December 10th



For more information, contact:

Laughlin Rutt

phone:  (902) 490-6154