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General Information

Effective on January 13, 2009 the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (Chapter 39 of the Acts of 2008) replaced the Municipal Government Act as the primary legislation under which the municipality operates. Any future legislative references should be to the Charter rather than the MGA.

arrowHalifax Regional Municipality Charter

(Please note: The HRM Charter is located on the Provincial Government Website)

In addition to the HRM By-laws enacted since amalgamation on April 1, 1996, the by-laws which were in force in the former municipalities of the City of Halifax, the City of Dartmouth, the Town of Bedford and Halifax County Municipality will remain in force within the geographic areas which encompassed those former municipalities until the by-laws are amended or repealed. The links relate only to those by-laws still in force. To obtain a copy of an outdated by-law contact the Municipal Clerk's Office .


NOTE: These electronic versions of the by-laws are provided for your convenience and personal use only. Staff have strived to make these versions of the by-laws as accurate as possible; however, where accuracy is critical, please consult official sources. The by-laws are copyrighted to Halifax Regional Municipality and may not be copied for the purpose of resale.