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HRM Introduces a French Newcomer’s Guide

(September 23, 2011) – Today Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), in cooperation with the Fédération Acadienne de la Nouvelle- Écosse (FANE), introduced the first ever French-language Newcomer’s Guide. 

The Newcomer’s Guide for Francophone newcomers provides an overview of key information for newcomers on settling, working, transportation, recreation opportunities, participation in local government, volunteer organizations, and community and cultural events. 


Mayor Peter Kelly welcomed the new edition. “The French culture is an important and vibrant part of our municipality,” the mayor said. “This Guide is so comprehensive that I anticipate it will help newcomers soon feel at home in our midst.”

In the past year, close to 240 French-speaking people and/or families benefitted from Immigration francophone services.  They came from 22 countries including Cameroun, Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Benin, Burundi, Colombia, The Ivory Coast, Égypt, Spain, France, Haiti, Maurice Island, Lebanon, Morocco, Congo Democratic Republic, Senegal, Syria, Taiwan, Togo, Tunisia and Venezuela.

"The ultimate goal of the Guide is to provide the information necessary for newcomers to make their integration into our community easier and more enjoyable and we believe that the guide, choc-full of valuable information, meets all objectives," said Justin Mury, Vice President of FANE.

The French Newcomer’s Guide is an outcome of HRM’s Immigration Action Plan and was developed in partnership with Fane and Immigration francophone, who assisted with translation and developed the content based on the English guide. 

The Guide will be available through Immigration francophone, other settlement organizations, HRM Public Libraries, Customer Service Centres, Recreation Centres and on-line at



Katherine VanBuskirk

HRM Corporate Communications