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Public Service Announcement

Rockingham Community Centre

(March 9, 2011) HRM and the Rockingham Community Centre Association (RCCA) Board met this week (Mar. 7) to advise the centre’s user groups and program participants that the municipality has recently received interest in the purchase of the property and aging facility.

Prior to any decision being made on future plans for the property, staff has confirmed a report will first be presented to Regional Council in April. If, at that time, Council decides HRM will move forward and explore the potential of a development option, staff will work closely with the Rockingham Community Centre Board to establish on-going stakeholder communication.

A follow-up community meeting will be scheduled in late April to communicate updated information and any direction given by Council on the issue.

The 55-year-old centre, located on the Bedford Highway, offers a variety of recreational and leisure programs as well as community space for a number of programs and services. These programs are co-ordinated by the association.
The Rockingham Community Centre was originally constructed in 1956 as a fire station for the Rockingham area and surrounding community. In 1986, the fire station was converted to community space and is now an HRM-owned property managed and operated by a community volunteer board.



Cheryl Walker or Denise Teas, Board Members
Rockingham Community Centre Association

Councillor Debbie Hum
District 16 - Rockingham - Wentworth