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No-Scent Makes Good Sense

Halifax Regional Municipality has had a "No-Scent" awareness program in place since the amalgamation.

Basically, it encourages HRM employees to be aware of others who may suffer allergies or sensitivities to fragrances found in perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, after shave lotions, skin creams and many other personal grooming products.

There has been tremendous positive feedback to this effort from our employees and many visitors to our offices and other facilities.

The program simply requests employees to be considerate of others who may have medical allergies or sensitivities to manufactured scents and, whenever possible, urges them to use the many unscented products that are available on the market today.

This scent-awareness program is promoted in our municipal offices and other facilities. The Province of Nova Scotia has a similar awareness policy in provincial hospitals and the Halifax Regional School Board has a similar policy in its schools.

We are proud of Halifax Regional Municipality and its employees, and are delighted with the cooperation and support they have shown in helping others to feel comfortable in their workplace, or when visiting our offices and facilities.

For additional information, please contact HRM’s Occupational Health & Wellness Services at 490-6541.