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MetroLink - a whole new way to travel


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MetroLink is a direct, limited-stop, fully-accessible commuting option. Delivering premium service at a premium price, MetroLink's interior includes carpeted walls and ceiling for sound-dampening and custom-upholstered high-back seats with arm and foot rests. Heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer, this advertising-free zone offers comfort and plenty of room to relax and enjoy your commute.

  • On February 20, 2006: Metro Transit introduced Phase II of its MetroLink service with the #185 Sackville Link


logoelement Park & Ride the Link!

Parking in a public lot in downtown Halifax – if you can find a spot – costs as much as $200 per month. Commuting with MetroLink costs significantly less with a monthly pass. Plus, think of the money you’d save on gas and maintenance!

MetroLink offers free Park & Ride lots, too! The Portland Hills Terminal lot accomodates 270 cars, and the Sackville Terminal accomodates 175 parking spaces.


logoelement Bike & Ride the Link!

Free, easy to use bike racks are mounted on all MetroLink buses, accommodating 2 bikes.

Your Guide to using the MetroLink Bike Rack To PDF Acrobat Tips

Bike Lockers are available at both MetroLink terminals


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For a complete list of fares, click here.


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