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The Halifax Transit Network Redesign

Update – Moving Forward Together Plan

Sept. 12, 2014

Halifax Transit is in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of its network, the focus of which is to develop an improved, simplified network that is more user-friendly. An update on this project was provided to the Transportation Standing Committee on Sept. 10, 2014.

During the presentation to the Council committee, Halifax Transit advised that a transfer-based system would not be recommended across the entire network. Rather, evaluation efforts to date indicate that a transfer-based system should be considered for adoption in strategic locations where enhancements to transit service could be achieved.

During public consultation last fall, members of the public expressed strong support for a transfer-based transit system if key conditions were met; namely, that trip times would be quicker and that service would be frequent enough to make easy transfers. Following conceptual testing of a transfer based system here in Halifax it was determined that an entirely transfer-based network would not be ideal based on existing travel patterns, the way our streets are laid out, and the system’s resource capacity.

However, Halifax Transit remains committed to the principles adopted during the first round of public consultation on the Moving Forward Together Plan, including the need to build a simplified transfer-based system. There are areas in Halifax where a transfer-based system will improve our service and that’s where we will focus on using it, while maximizing the parts of our existing service that already work well.

Staff will continue to work on fine tuning the details of the draft network design for release to Regional Council and the public in January 2015, for more input and discussion. This consultation will inform the final network design recommendation to Regional Council later in 2015. Stay tuned for more details on the draft network and planned public consultation sessions.