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Halifax Transit GTFS Open Data

Halifax Transit has launched the GTFS open data feed to developers as a beta release. During this time, we are monitoring the service for any issues and it may be necessary to turn off the service to address any technical issues that may come up. Users of the real-time data may experience downtime, inaccuracies in data quality, etc. until our team has resolved any issues that were found.

The General Transit Feed Specification, or GTFS, is also known as “GTFS static”. It defines a common data format for transit schedules and geographic information. This data is used by Google and other third-party developers to create apps for use by the public. A GTFS “feed” has a standard file structure that is composed of a series of text files collected in a ZIP file. Each file contains a specific set of transit data: stops, routes, trips, and other schedule data
GTFS Real-Time is an extension to the GTFS static specification. It allows live departure times and service alerts to be shown in transit apps, such as Google’s. A transit agency can produce GTFS feeds to share their public transit information with Google and other third-party developers. Since it is an open and freely available format, anyone can use the data to create their own applications. These apps may include trip planners, timetables, etc.

Halifax Transit publishes two GTFS feeds: one that contains static schedule data and one that contains real-time information, reported live from buses on the road.

  1. Transit Static Scheduling Data (GTFS Static) - Metadata

  2. Transit Real-Time Scheduling Data (GTFS Real-Time) Metadata

Transit Data Specification User Requests

  • Terms and Conditions- Please review our Developer License Agreement.
  • Keep your work up to date - Things will change. When they do we'll try to give you plenty of notice through our social media channel @hfxtransit and on our Open Data page.
  • Don't use the official Halifax Transit logo or system map- Only Halifax Transit gets to use official copyrighted items to let customers know they're getting info directly from us versus the other places that use municipal open data.