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Plan Dutch Village Road

Current Status

Over the past five years, there has been increased interest in developing higher density, mixed use buildings within the Dutch Village Road area (DVRA). This type of development is currently not permitted under the local land use planning policies therefore each proposal has to be considered separately. 

On August 6, 2013 Regional Council requested planning staff to “initiate a planning process to establish comprehensive planning policies that enable additional commercial and residential developments on the lands located within Dutch Village Road and neighbouring areas in a larger area”

This will involve changes to the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy and to the Halifax Peninsula and Halifax Mainland Land Use By-laws.  

Community Engagement

We would like to thank everyone who participated in a community planning workshop on March 25, 2015 at the Royal Canadian Legion, as well as all those who requested to meet with planning staff, participated on-line through Shape Your City or provided written comments. This period of community engagement has closed on April 17, and a Summary of Community Engagement is now available. Staff received a lot of valuable input on options for how to regulate growth in the Dutch Village Road Are, and will now create new draft land use policy and regulations. If you would like to be added to our contact list to receive updates, please e-mail

To view more detailed information, please visit Shape Your City, Halifax's Engagement Hub.

Project Goals

Change the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-laws to enable:

  • commercial and residential development that contributes to an attractive and pedestrian-friendly environment   

  • attractive buildings  that are  integrated with the existing community

  • site design that creates livable and walkable communities

  • a  vibrant and well-defined  commercial node

  • regulation under a single land use by-law (i.e. move certain lands from Peninsula LUB to Mainland LUB)

  • clarity and predictability to residents, business  and property owners


This application is being considered under the municipal planning strategy amendment and land use by-law amendment process. The next steps in the process will include:

  • Community Workshop

  • On-line community engagement through Shape Your City

  • Opportunity to comment on draft amendments

  • Summary of Community Engagement

  • Staff report containing recommended amendments to the Regional Council (anticipated in the Fall of 2015)


Jennifer Chapman


902 490-3999